Is Roof Repair in South Walton Florida Needed? – Here are a Few Signs to Look For

A home’s roof is one of those parts of a home that many homeowners rarely think about until something like water dripping on their heads, or seeing daylight streaming in through the rafters, grabs their attention. Ideally, homeowners need to have their roof inspected a minimum of once a year.

By having their roof inspected a homeowner might avoid a costly roof repair in Niceville Florida. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) offers the following tips to determine if repairs or replacement are needed.

Starting on the interior of the home, look for the following indicators to determine if roof repair in South Walton Florida, might be necessary:

  • Daylight – This is the most obvious sign of a problem, as any light streaming through from outside, is not good. Assume if light is penetrating than so is moisture.
  • Sagging – An area of the roof that is sagging is an indicator that the roof structure is compromised. Sagging roofs will most likely require a new roofing installation in Providence Florida.
  • Signs of Water – If blatant water damage is discovered or leaks are obvious call a licensed roofing professional as soon as possible. It is imperative to fix leaks sooner rather than later. Trails and dark patches are signs that water or moisture has penetrated the roof at some point.

An inspection of the exterior to determine if roof repair in Destin Florida might be needed should also be performed.

  • Obvious Damage – Obvious signs of damage are easy to recognize such as cracked, split, or warped shingles. Tile roofs can break due to hail and cedar roofs can accumulate moss or dry and flake off.
  • Moisture – Look for presence of moisture but remember that water flows downward so look higher for the source. Mold and moss that is allowed to accumulate poses a risk to your roof as well.
  • Granules – Compromised asphalt shingles will shed their granular material which ends up in the gutters and on the ground around the foundation.
  • Chimneys – Look for signs of wear around the roof’s chimney and vents.

For most homeowners, the best option is to have a roofing contractor in South Walton Florida perform an inspection. Most roofing repair companies will provide free quotes for repair work or roof replacement. Take heart, as many types of roof damage or wear, can be fixed without having to completely replace the roof itself.