Reasons to Call a Contractor for Roof Repair in South Walton Florida

Knowing a roof’s condition is the easiest way to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. However, for most homeowners, getting up on the roof for an inspection can be dangerous. A roofing contractor in South Walton Florida may suggest viewing the roof from the ground before calling for service. Homeowners can look for these signs of damage before calling for roof repair in South Walton Florida.

Losing Granules From Shingles

If the homeowner can see gray or black granules in the downspouts and gutters, it may indicate that the roof’s shingles are reaching the end of their useful life. From there, the owner can call for roof repair in Destin Florida.

Missing and Loose Shingles

Florida is well known for its severe storms, and storm season can take a serious toll on a home’s roof. Winds can cause shingle nails to come out, resulting in missing, torn and loose shingles.

Water Stains on the Roof’s Deck

If the owner can access the unfinished part of the home’s attic, they can look at the underside of the decking. If there are signs of water intrusion, it may indicate that there’s water running under the shingle layer.

Shingle Popping

Shingles that rise above the roof’s flat surface can indicate hail damage, but it may also point to poor attic ventilation. If the temperature in the attic is higher than 120 degrees, the shingles may blister and look similar to those damaged by hail.

Worn Flashing and Gaskets Around Chimneys and Vent Stacks

Parts of the roof where shingles meet protrusions are more likely to fail than other parts of the roofing system are. When caulking and flashing fail or are improperly applied, serious roof leaks can result.

Roof Age

Along with the above-listed conditions, knowing the roof’s age is important in determining whether to opt for replacement or roof repair in Niceville Florida. Most home roofs are designed to last roughly 25 years, and if the roof is approaching that age, the owner should start budgeting for roofing installation in Providence Florida.

If a home’s roof is showing any of these signs, the owner should have it evaluated by a local contractor. A thorough evaluation by a qualified professional can provide a homeowner with the knowledge he or she needs to make an informed decision.